Your phone company won’t show you how to save 50-75%...But we will.
Seattle Line Communications Inc.
Your Phone Company
Won't Show You How To
Save 50-75%...But We Will.

Here's Proof.

Before $1,237.76
Bill 1

After $605.95
Bill 2

Savings $631.81 Per Month

Annual Savings

Before $1,344.28
Bill 3

After $705.64
Bill 4

Savings $638.64 Per Month

Annual Savings

Total Savings $631.81 + $638.64 = $1,270.45 Per Month

Annual Savings $15,245.40

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Tell us what you see on your bills, and
we’ll tell you how much you can save!

What our customers are saying:
“SLC renegotiated our Paetec data and internet contracts and saved us $15,000 per year.  We didn’t change anything and the cost dropped 50%.  SLC has saved us a total of $58,600 per year. I couldn’t be happier.
Amana Commercial Products (Amana Microwaves)
Rich Raczynski CFO
319.368.8132 | (direct)

“We have been doing business with Seattle Line since 1997. I’m confident that if SLC proposes a plan, it definitely is in my best interest. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and with the telecom market the way it is today you really need to be on your toes. SLC found a $15K refund and reduced our costs 50% within two months. Their value is highly recommended.”
Belshaw Adamatic (World's largest doughnut machine manufacturer)
Bill Yee CFO

206.322.5474 XT 6034 |

“I would be happy to speak to any of your prospects. You have gone above and beyond all my expectations. Please feel free to have anyone call me on my cell.”
Hostar International (Largest hotel cart system manufacturer)
Adam Wodka VP Technology & Product Services
CELL: 213.925.5048 |

“72% Savings thanks to you and your company’s good work”
Alternative Manufacturing, Inc.
Kim Vandermeulen CEO Alternative Manufacturing Inc.
207.377.9377 XT 221 |

FREE Over-The-Phone, On-The-Spot Savings Quote!


CALL: 208.888.9698

Tell us what you see on your bills, and
we’ll tell you how much you can save!


See our Nationally Published
Expense Reduction Articles:

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There are a number of basic ways that small businesses and others can secure cost Savings that go directly to their bottom line rather than the phone company's, according to IMT contributor Nathan Watkins.


Take Control of Your Telecom Services

As business-telecommunication needs and solutions become more complex, they force mortgage brokers to make informed decisions about telecom-service options. It often seems as though someone needs a doctoral degree in engineering to decipher the services, fees and taxes that appear on a phone bill.


Put Money In Your Pocket, Not In Your Phone Bill

So how do you go about securing this money Savings evaluation now? First of all, time is of the essence. It’s possible that you’ll only be able to recover over-payments for 12 months even though you have been over paying those charges for years. That’s unfortunate, but regardless, in today’s economic climate all Savings are valuable.


Put Thousands in Your Budget, Not Your Phone Bill

The largest potential cost Savings in your office is sitting on your desk just waiting to be added to your bottom line, not the phone company's. A careful telephone bill audit could save you thousands of dollars every year...and doesn't have to cost you an extra penny.


How Your Phone Company Rips You Off, Then Legally Keeps Your Money

All phone companies make mistakes in their billing. But the fact is many of them will only give you 90 days or less to catch their billing errors or they keep your money forever.

FREE Over-The-Phone, On-The-Spot Savings Quote!


CALL: 208.888.9698

Tell us what you see on your bills, and
we’ll tell you how much you can save!

Here Are The Facts:
  • Your phone bills (voice, data and cellular) contain 50-75% profit.
  • Your sales agent puts 15-25% of your phone bill in his pocket every month.
  • The more you pay, the more your agent earns.
  • Your sales agent works for phone company commissions. Not you.
  • Only authorized agents with signed NDAs have access to the lowest possible rates.
  • Your sales agent knows there is no Consumer Reports to help you shop rates.
  • 98% of all companies pay retail prices for their phone services.

The NEW Money Savings SystemSeattle Line Communications has been an authorized agent with signed NDAs for every major phone company for the past 19 years. However, our business model is completely the opposite of the above. We only share in the savings we produce as opposed to “the more you spend, the more your agent earns.” We eliminate carrier commissions in order to maximize your savings. We also show our clients how little-known products and services blast retail rates and maximize your savings 50-75% without changing your phone company. See what nationally recognized manufacturers like Amana microwave have to say below.

What Your Current Agent Will Never Do US THEM
Make sure you are on the best possible plans by eliminating commissions. ? ×
Help eliminate per minute long distance charges on your bill. ? ×
Renegotiate current contracts to take advantage of the best new rates and plans. ? ×
Take inventory of your analog lines and eliminate unused lines. ? ×
Run a trunk line utilization report to insure you aren't paying for lines you don't need. ? ×
Run an SMTP data report to make sure you are using the right mix of services. ? ×
Eliminate or combine analog lines. ? ×

FREE Over-The-Phone, On-The-Spot Savings Quote!


CALL: 208.888.9698

Tell us what you see on your bills, and
we’ll tell you how much you can save!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does this take?
It only takes a few minutes to send us the bills and the agreement. We don’t need your time and we’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Do I pay anything upfront?
No. Our clients don’t pay a penny until we prove our Savings on their
bills. We share in the Savings on a month-to-month basis. As you save, we share.

How does this all work? What is the process?
Return our one-page agreement with your bills and we’ll provide you a Savings proposal based on 3 months’ average billing, absolutely free. If you like our solution, simply sign the proposal. We’ll implement our solution and once complete, we’ll go over your reduced bills with you, guaranteeing your Savings . Only then do we share in the Savings .

Do we have to use your solution?
No. You are under no obligation to use our solutions.

If we’re in a contract with our current provider, how do you reduce our costs?
Only authorized agents have access to confidential rate information. We know the very best rates and plans do not contain agent commissions and are rarely sold. We use these rates to negotiate better terms for you with your current carrier, even if you are in a contract. Your carrier will choose between reducing your rates now, or face the loss of your business when your term is up. We prefer reducing your rates now.

We already have the best deal, why do we need your service?
Unless you are an authorized agent with a signed non-disclosure agreement, how would you really know for sure? Phone companies have done a great job of restricting rate information from consumers. This is the reason there isn’t any Consumer Reports information on telecom rates. As agents of nearly 20 years with signed NDAs, we can quote the best rates from just about any carrier.
We already use an expense reduction service, how is yours different?
Great, that’s a good start. Expense reduction services can reduce your costs; however, most rely on agent commissions from the carrier. Ask if they are agents for your carrier. If so, they are most likely working for the carrier, not you.

What’s the risk?
Zero risk for you. This is the main reason our clients use our service.

How long do we pay you?
Our agreement is an industry-leading month-to-month term. If you can find a better deal and we can’t meet or beat the offer, you are free to go.

How long does it take to find out how much we can save?
We offer a FREE over-the-phone quick-quote. Get your bills and tell us what you see and we’ll tell you how much you can save.

FREE Over-The-Phone, On-The-Spot Savings Quote!


CALL: 208.888.9698

Tell us what you see on your bills, and
we’ll tell you how much you can save!

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